Safety for all is important!


All horse entries must show proof of insurance. As an individual, the insurance included with Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) membership covers you riding your horse only. If you are a commercial entry you must have commercial insurance. Entries without this proof of insurance WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the Parade.

Mail or fax insurance to:
Cochrane Labour Day Parade, Box 824, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A9
Fax: 403-932-5733


Volunteers and participants in the Parade are covered under CAES insurance.

General Safety:

All participants must ensure that their entry is safe and reliable to operate. All vehicles/entries must be in good mechanical condition and properly serviced prior to the Parade. Provisions for emergency towing devices will be on standby.

All entries are prohibited from throwing materials/candy along the Parade route.

The use of noisemakers or band practice is forbidden near animals. Sound systems should be approved by the Parade Committee in advance.

The use of open flames on any entry is NOT PERMITTED! All motorized entries must carry a minimum 2.5 lb ABC Dry Chemical fire extinguisher.

Please ensure you will have plenty of fuel as the event may take 2.5 to 3 hrs to complete. Extra containers of fuel MUST NOT be carried on any parade Entry.

Drivers and other persons on all Entries must have a means of RAPID escape in an emergency.


Automobiles entries are restricted for “invited” dignitary guests only. Antique and “show and shine” vehicles are permitted.


Entries must provide entertainment value for our spectators. Recognition of commercial sponsors is acceptable, provided that it is done tastefully, meets Parade Standards and the commercial message does not dominate the Entry. The Parade committee reserves the right to reject inappropriate commercial Entries.


In order to finish on schedule and in time for the Rodeo start time, the Parade Committee may limit the number of Entries in any category.


The Parade Committee makes the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of all applications. 


Your submitted Application is your ACCEPTANCE, on behalf of your Entry and all participants, of all Parade Rules and Regulations. Cochrane and Area Events Society assumes no responsibility in connection with, and makes no representation as to safety of any parade Entry, in whole or in part, solely by reason of compliance with Parade Rules and Regulations. The ultimate responsibility for safety lies with each individual Entry. Entries must comply with all Parade Rules and Regulations and comply with all Government Regulations, safety codes, manufacturer’s recommendations and similar standards.

The Parade Committee determines location of all Entries in the Parade and the Entry must maintain that position throughout the parade unless otherwise directed by a Parade Official. Parade Officials will, in most cases, reject any Entry on Parade Day that does not meet the regulations or conform to the description on their Parade Application. The only exceptions would be for Entries arriving in better appearance than described.


All Entries (including Marching Bands) must be willing and sufficiently physically fit to maintain both the parade pace (3.8kph = 210ft/min) and Spacing (25 ft between entries or as directed by Parade Officials). Entries unable or refusing to maintain parade walking pace and or spacing may be asked to exit the parade route. You must stay in your designated spot as per your number. All instructions of Parade Officials must be obeyed. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Parade & may jeopardize participation in future parades.


Parade Officials reserve the right to remove any Entry, at any time, whether as a result of safety concerns, interference with the Parade’s progress, or any other reason that the parade officials deem appropriate. The Parade Committee has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for those choosing to abuse our Volunteers or our Entries. The Parade reflects the Town of Cochrane Western Family Values to our audience. Inappropriate music (profanity/swearing/degrading, etc) or attire unsuitable for viewing by our family audience is not acceptable.


Participants whom Parade Officials believe have consumed alcohol or prohibited drugs prior to or during the Parade will be removed from the Parade. For safety reasons, participants shall not mount/dismount from their float. PLEASE, NO CELL PHONE USE WHILE ON THE PARADE ROUTE. The parade is held for the spectators along the parade route, they are looking forward to your attention and enthusiasm.


Floats and tow vehicles should be 100% decorated. Showcase your business or group by having a well-decorated float.

All floats/entries must be equipped with an operational braking system capable of stopping the unit in an emergency. Towing units must have sufficient power to pull the unit around the Parade route. There are two grades at the start of the parade, which your entry must be able to navigate.

Drivers require a clear 180-degree field of vision to the front – or walkers just off of each front corner. In special cases the Parade Committee may authorize use of ground guides (walkers) in radio contact with the driver.

Exhaust pipes must extend well beyond the decorations and must be vented to the side of the unit to ensure proper ventilation for the driver and to avoid gassing following Entries. Auxiliary generators, if not exhausted to the side should be mounted in a ventilated container at the rear of the float. Any vehicles spewing excessive amounts of exhaust fumes will not be permitted in the parade.

Fire extinguishers must be carried on all floats. Containers of fuel MUST NOT be carried on any Entry. Fuel Tanks should be topped off just prior to the parade.

DIMENSIONS: Height – 16 feet max. Length – 40 feet max exclusive of an articulated towing unit. Width – 14 feet. Ground Clearance – the frame must be high enough off the ground to clear surfaces & obstacles (not less than 6 inches off the ground when fully decorated and loaded.


The Parade Committee has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to animal abuse. Persons abusing animals shall immediately be removed from the Parade and reported to appropriate authorities. All livestock shall be in good health and sound condition.

All Parade Entries shall exhibit proper disposition and control of all animals in a parade environment, without assistance. All tack, wagons, carriages, etc. shall be complete and in good repair. All accessories must be secured and are not to interfere with livestock. All light and heavy horse hitches shall have an assistant in the front seat of the wagon. Any hitches in excess of two horses shall have at least one assistant on the ground – unless pre-authorized by the Parade’s Horse Safety Subcommittee.

Any equestrian/livestock Entry deemed to violate any of the Rules or Regulations may, if practicable, be given the opportunity to correct the deficiency. If they cannot, they will not be permitted to participate in the Parade.

LIVESTOCK Livestock is permitted on the site, however you must clean up prior to your departure. Bins will be placed throughout the site for manure, etc. Livestock is permitted on the grass areas, however your trailers are not. Remember to bring water for your animals.


Security will be on site. Certain areas will be flagged as NO ENTRY. Please ensure you stay away from these areas including the large gravel piles etc. Insure all children are supervised at all times. Security will also be assigned to the two railway crossings, in the event of an upcoming train, security will stop the floats and assist with horses if needed. 


Porta Potties will be available at the formup site.


Lost/found will be located at the breakfast station or will be posted on the Cochrane Events Facebook Page.


Click here for printable version of Parade Rules and Regulations